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This bracelet it’s been handcrafted using the wire wrapping square flower technique. The centerpiece is a rainbow obsidian,  encircled by a wire wrapped sun weave.

The sun represents warmth, vitality, and enlightenment. It also symbolizes the interplay of light and energy, mirroring his dynamic and transformative nature. It serves as a powerful talisman, infusing the bracelet with the symbolic qualities of vitality, growth, and spiritual illumination.

Material: Brass

Stone: Rainbow Obsidian

Lenght: To ensure a perfect fit for your bracelet, I will personally reach out to you to discuss and adjust the length before shipping. Your satisfaction is my priority, and I want your jewelry to be not only beautiful but also comfortable to wear.

Rainbow obsidian is a mesmerizing variety of obsidian that displays stunning bands or swirls of colors when viewed under light. It is a powerful stone known for its protective and healing properties, with the added benefit of bringing joy and emotional balance.

This unique gemstone is believed to gently dissolve negative energies, helping to release emotional trauma and promote inner healing. Rainbow obsidian is often used as a powerful tool for grounding and protecting one’s energy, shielding against negativity, and absorbing psychic attacks. It can aid in purifying and balancing the aura, creating a sense of harmony and positivity.

1 review for Rainbow Obsidian brass wire wrapped bracelet

  1. lilykim229 (verified owner)

    It is radiant and intriguing under the sun. I have just experienced the magic of Rainbow Obsidian. It is comfortable to wear and enjoyable to look at as well. Thank you, Xor for making this magic happen. I love your art.

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