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Discover unique wire wrapped jewelry in brass and silver, inspired by ancestral crafting techniques!

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Answers to Your Common Questions About Our Jewelry:

What is sterling silver?

Sterling silver is a precious metal alloy made up of 92.5% silver and 7.5% of other metals, usually copper. It is known for its durability, lustrous appearance, and resistance to tarnishing.

Why doesn’t my silver jewelry have a stamp?

My silver jewelry may not have a visible stamp due to the wire wrapping technique I use. However, rest assured that my commitment to quality and reputation guarantee that every piece is made with genuine sterling silver. I take pride in my craftsmanship and stand behind the quality of my materials. Your satisfaction is my top priority, and I am confident that the beauty and durability of my silver jewelry will speak for itself.

Will my jewelry tarnish?

Both brass and silver jewelry can tarnish over time, especially if they come into contact with moisture, or certain chemicals. However, you can take steps to slow down or prevent tarnishing, such as storing your jewelry in an airtight container, avoiding exposure to water and harsh chemicals, and cleaning it regularly.

How do I clean my brass/silver jewelry?

The best way to clean your brass or silver jewelry depends on the level of tarnishing and the type of piece. For light tarnishing, you can use a soft cloth and gentle soap and water. For more stubborn tarnishing, you can use a commercial jewelry cleaner or make your own cleaning solution with ingredients like baking soda, or lemon juice.

Do you offer custom orders?

I’m sorry, but at the moment I am not able to accommodate custom orders. However, I am constantly adding new pieces to the collection, so please check back frequently to see if there is something that fits your needs.

Can I track my order once it’s shipped?

Yes, you will receive a tracking number once your order has shipped. You can use this number to track the status of your shipment and estimated delivery date.

When will my product be sent after payment?

As I am based in a small village in the jungle without a local post office, I personally travel to a larger town once a week to send out orders. Orders placed until Saturday night at 22:00, will be sent on the following Monday. Please keep in mind that this slight delay is due to the logistics of my location, and I appreciate your understanding. Rest assured that I will make every effort to ensure your order is promptly shipped and reaches you in a timely manner.

Welcome to Sol Antic!

I am Xor, a former computer technician from Barcelona that changed his life in the pursuit of freedom and knowledge. Now I work as a wire artisan full time.

For over ten years now, I have been living a nomadic life, taking every opportunity to learn new ancient techniques along the way. My next goal is to travel to Eastern Europe and Asia, but before that, I will be settling in a small town on the Caribbean coast of Costa Rica for a while. Here, in the solitude of the jungle, I have established a workshop to expand my knowledge of metal smelting and alchemy.

In the heart of the jungle, I will bring my deepest dreams to life through these magical creations where metal will meet soul and flesh. It is my hope that you will wear them with pride!

🌒🌞🌘May the goddess bless you! 🌒🌞🌘